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Author Topic: A proposal on stopping people from using flash at competitions.  (Read 1187 times)

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A proposal on stopping people from using flash at competitions.
« on: September 19, 2015, 11:52:22 PM »
You've seen at competitions.  The mom using flash photography.  The dad videoing with his phone, and a bright light is coming from it.  You've heard the announcers remind people again, and again, about not doing it after announcing it at the beginning.  In some cases, judges have threatened to get people kicked out, stop performances, if people kept it up.

The thing is, enforcement is lax.  Very few times do people actually get kicked out.  And it seems like the problem keeps happening year after year.  Well, I have a proposal that is somewhat harsh but think that if followed through, would help.

The announcer would say something like this.  "Ladies and gentlemen, per GHSA rules, the use of flash photography is strictly prohibited during this competition.  This is for the safety of our athlete.  Also: there should be no recording light coming from any camera, IPad, or other electronic device.

Before we call out the first team, you'll be given two minutes to disable all flashes and recording lights.  If during any performance you are seen using flash photography or your device has a light on, you will be ejected from the gym without a refund.  This is your only warning.  The two minutes start (pause until watch hits 00 seconds), NOW.  (After the two minutes)  Thank you for your cooperation."

Then start the competition.  Warn people what will happen,  and follow through with kicking them out rather than announcing it again and again, and people will start getting the message.  Even better, the announcer can focus on the competition and not having to remind people.


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