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Georgia Cheerleading Vent Policies
« on: November 23, 2009, 05:22:19 PM »
The following policies are the guidelines for all post on the Georgia Cheereleading Vent. As always we ask that you keep the discussions civil! Failure to follow these policies may/can result in moderation of your posts and/or banning of your username.

The policies/procedures are courtesy of the Fierceboard

* A post or thread will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning because of:
1) Accusations against gyms and/or employees of a gym that are defamatory and/or slanderous in nature will not be tolerated. Any posts that cannot be backed up with absolute proof, will be deleted. Defamatory = accusations of sexual abuse by a coach, gym cheats at a competition, accusations of illegal activites by a owner/coach/athlete, etc.

* A post will be edited because of:
1) Profanity of ANY kind will not be tolerated. If you post comments with inappropriate language, your post will be edited and you will be sent a pm. The substitution of letters with similar symbols or "bleeping" out certain letters (example: e*****e) is not allowed, the word will be replaced with a G version.
2) Calling out someone's real name if they clearly made it known they don't want it that way. (The poster will receive a warning.)

* A thread will be merged if there is already a similar thread.

* A thread will be moved if the thread was posted in the incorrect section.

* If a thread/post has been deleted, do not create a new one. When a thread is deleted, the admin will post why in the "If a thread has been deleted, here's the reason why..." thread. In the event a post has been deleted, the admin will send a pm to the member who posted it.

*If a post has been edited, do not edit it back to its original message. An admin has edited the post for a reason and will pm you.

* Your capabilities of sending pm's may become suspended for:
1) Proven harassment through pm's
2) Advertising through pm's

* Your membership will be considered for suspension if:
1) You have been routinely hostile, rude, or offensive.
2) You engage in message board fighting despite being warned by an admin to stop.

* If you have three warnings, your 4th will result in a one week suspension from the board. You can only be banned twice temporarily before you will be permanently banned from the board completely.

* Your avatar/signature will be edited/deleted if it does not follow any of these rules or if it exceeds 165 pixels height wise.

*Rules on Advertising:
1) We request that you do not post anything that will be detrimental to someone else’s business. If something of the sort is posted, it will be deleted.


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