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Any thoughts on the new gameday comepetition held yesterday?
Without dating myself, let's just say I've been going to Columbus for a long time.  And you're 100 percent correct that there's often a discrepancy between sectionals and finals scoring.  I cannot say this for certain, but I think that there are different judges each day.

One thing to note, members of the South Georgia Clown Show were some of the judges at state, so that could have something to do with questionable scoring. 

As to the fair, I'm sure whomever keeps putting it on then is trying to attract people there for state.  But they don't understand that given how hard it is to get in and out of that place, how most squads aren't staying anywhere close to there since it's in such a bad neighborhood, not to mention the cost of going to state and the civic center alone, that people there for cheerleading couldn't care less about the fair.

All they're doing is making a bad traffic situation even worse.
I agree that it was not the smartest thing, having the fair in the parking lot AGAIN.

I watched many teams, both Friday and Saturday. One of the things I discovered was that apparently the scoring was not consistent between the two days. During sectionals, hands down did not count as a deduction, but took off execution points.  For finals, either the judges were completely blind, and claimed there were knees down when there weren't, or they actually deducted for hands down. Either way, the scoring on Saturday was ridiculously subjective and in some areas, flat out wrong. How can teams drop 10 or 15 points in the time span of one day, when their overall routine was pretty much executed the same way? Was it a totally different set of judges? Did they use the same rubric? Did they even use the rubric at all?? Or did they, once again, choose the same teams they always like and disregard the ones they never seem to care anything about? I realize that some teams were absolutely clear winners, but some of the placement was very questionable. No surprise there, as it's happened all season.
Why, again, did the city of Columbus decide to have the fair the same weekend as state?  1.  Most squads don't care about going, or don't have time.  2.  Fans can't afford it either, by the time they pay for parking, buy tickets, and those overpriced concessions, they're tapped out.  3.  The Peachtree Mall is indoors, plenty to do, and better-priced food.

I didn't get to watch as much this year.  Not a prude in any way, know cheer competitions are loud.  Had a speaker system in my first car. But the music both days, especially Saturday, was obnoxiously loud.  There was no need for it.

Other thoughts.  LOVED the music in Troup County's routine.  Unique.  One squad (Model?) had a really unique pyramid, locking hands and rotating in a circle.  Bleckley County really stepped it up again.  Loved their energy.  Armuchee had super tumbling, but Coosa was cleaner, Armuchee's pyramid did not go well at all. 
Something HAS to be done about this “unsafe performing surface” rule. First of all, you cannot control if a bow or other hair “device” falls out of your hair! A team at this middle school “state” had the highest subtotal of the competition (and also the ONLY team to max out in DOD for both tumbling and stunts) but was given SIXTEEN points in deductions for leaving their pom poms on the floor. They weren’t just spread all around, they were placed neatly in a row on the side of the mat and no one even came close to stepping on them. This team has performed this way ALL season! And not one word was said! The safety judge was laughing at the girls while they were setting up the poms before the routine even started which is so unprofessional. The rules say poms are allowed and there is nothing that says you can’t leave them on the floor. The rule only pertains to hair pieces or other pieces of a uniform. To make matters worse, it is up to the head judge’s discretion on how much of a penalty a team should receive. So a grown adult gave  MIDDLE SCHOOLERS sixteen points in deductions, you should be ashamed of yourself. These are children! But of course you weren’t there to see how upset they were when their dreams were crushed.

Also gave them two five point deductions for two trick flyers not being braced in a pyramid but they maintain contact the entire time. The only legit deduction was 2 points for a stunt fall and honestly it wasn’t even the right one because the flyer went inverted and should have been more, so I guess thank you for being so gracious there.

The team definitely didn’t have their best performance and they know that, however no one else was perfect either and this was by far the most talented team. It’s hard to be a gracious loser when you went from 1st to 7th because of something like this.

East Laurens


Jefferson County

Bacon looked amazing.  Screven has improved during the year.  Not sure what the heck happened to Bleckley.  Had been doing well all year but was off today.
Totally agree on the bad judging. When your team has consistently gotten good DOD scores, but suddenly scores super low DOD on the very same stunts that STUCK (which should be an execution score, btw), you've gotta wonder if these people even have a clue. The most inconsistent scoring I've ever seen. And we can't get away from it! It's everywhere here in south Georgia!
South GA has the WORST and LEAST qualified “judges” in the entire state. There is not a single color where they do not make some sort of horrible call or do something completely erroneous. GHSA has got to do something about these folks! Some of them could be on a panel at state, and we don’t need them ruining one more team’s results.

That's scary.  Those clowns, with their biases, sitting at the big table in Columbus.  People need to let Pam Carter know that they're incompetent. 
South GA has the WORST and LEAST qualified “judges” in the entire state. There is not a single color where they do not make some sort of horrible call or do something completely erroneous. GHSA has got to do something about these folks! Some of them could be on a panel at state, and we don’t need them ruining one more team’s results.
From South Georgia.  Last seen pretending to be judges at Swainsboro High School.  A timing deduction for a middle school squad when they were CALLED TO THE MAT, told they could begin, but their cd wasn't started on time, then two inverted flyer penalties that were bogus.  Even more ridiculous, the squad that won was sloppy as all get out.

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